A story resurrected


By Christopher Null, Editor

Most people are familiar with the rise and fall of a hero story. Born to accomplish great things and overcome evil while being an idol to the masses are the typical attributes of that hero; someone to look up to, to honor and praise. But what is the cost to be capable of handling such a task? Who was the first to see such opportunity and embark on a journey to do what they felt was right despite the odds that opposed them? In the motion picture “Son of God”, the audience is gifted with just that answer.

Taken from the 10-hour miniseries “The Bible”, this movie focuses on the story of Jesus Christ gathering his disciples and walking the land performing his miracles. For those who are unfamiliar with the tale of this man, I shall not spoil it for you. Although this isn’t a fresh story let alone an original film, it is redone with a set of fresh faces ready to retell the tale.

The main thing that will capture any moviegoer’s eye will be the production value behind this film. The footage was taken directly from the television series and was edited to better fit the criteria of a full-length feature film. This means the budget was set for a TV series and not a full-length feature film. The only thing that had to be done to make the movie fit the big screen was cutting up the necessary parts to tell the story. But when you begin to move pieces around that were destine for a specific purpose, some of the background and subplot goes missing.

The main cast does a wonderful job portraying the characters. The script wasn’t terribly believable considering some of the sayings and phrases were more fashionable to modern times than from anything closer to that time period. Despite the writing hiccup, Diogo Morgado (Jesus) read his lines beautifully and gestured with such grace to make a believer out of anyone. Some of his more notable disciples like Darwin Shaw (Peter), Joe Wredden (Judas), and Amber Rose Revah (Mary Magdelene) brought out what it meant to be human and flawed, but lacked delivering any emotional depth to their character.

This is a story that has been told time and time again and very rarely do any of the elements ever change. For those who missed seeing the “Passion of the Christ” or “King of Kings” and still desire to witness the story of their Messiah, “Son of God” is the watch of the 2014 A.D.

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