Global Days series enlightens students

By Emily Ploch, Contributor

SCC hosts Global Days, a series of campus wide events celebrating a diverse range of cultures. From the tropical paradise of faraway islands to the enchantments of the Middle East, each event intends to enlighten its participants on a specific aspect of the culture. Events were held between Feb. 26 and Feb . 27 include activities such as demonstrations, films and presentations held by the Global Student Network (GSN) and SCC professors.

In an effort to bring the education of various cultures to the public in an exciting, upbeat manner, numerous events require hands-on participation. The ‘Culture of the World’ Festival, the kick starting event, allowed attendants to walk to different booths to take an up close look at the traditional clothing crafts, games and music of a specific culture.

The SCC professors whom hosted the events come from different areas of education, bringing a wide variety of educational fields. Denise McCracken, the head of the French dept., discussed the Study Abroad Program in Cannes, France. Students interested in learning at the College International de Cannes will also have the opportunity to learn hands-on about life in France. Anthropology professor, William Griffin, will discuss his anthropological experiences in Madagascar while also delving into the devastation of the rain forest in their non-industrial culture.

The focus of these events is to bring different cultural perspectives to campus in a fun, engaging manner. Some events touch on subjects less traditional and more in tune with the cultural metamorphisis taking place in the world’s current situation of westernization, war, and violence. ‘Off White Lines’ was film held on the first day of Global Days that discussed the intricacies of a family relationship during war times in Israel and Lebanon. Another event, ‘Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant Communities’ was covered by our Managing Editor, Scott Theis.

As a key component to all cultures, several focused on an expressive, artistic aspect of a specific culture. ‘Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World,’ a film that portrays the art and architecture of Islam, allowed viewers to see the vast history and ornate perspective of Islamic culture, from past to present. The also held a a seminar on Egyptian Belly Dancing, exploring the art form of a misunderstood culture.

Global Days had something to offer for students of all studies and people of all ages, bringing a new and engaging understanding of other culture into the community.

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