Rams Need to Repeat History, Trade back

By David Demarco, Editor

As the final piece of the Robert Griffin III trade from 2012, the Rams once again hold the number two overall pick in the draft. The Redskins’ pick paired with their own, means the Rams have two selections in the first 13 draft picks. Out of every team in the draft, the St. Louis has the most flexibility and potential to fill out many of their holes through a loaded draft class. They have a fair amount of options with their first pick, and the pressure is on to get results.

Many have been speculating that the Rams will use their top pick on an offensive tackle. Those who followed Jeff Fisher’s teams in Tennessee are well aware he isn’t one to push to draft offensive linemen high. However, if the Rams are not confident with the play of offensive tackle Joe Barksdale last year, the Rams might have to pull the trigger. Greg Robinson from Auburn has tremendous upside and Jake Matthews from Texas A&M is the son of a hall of famer Fisher coached in Tennessee.

Others have pondered the idea of Sammy Watkins, the wide receiver from Clemson, but Rams’ General Manager Les Snead shot down that idea recently. He made his position clear that drafting a receiver high wasn’t a priority.

With the front office seeming to commit to Sam Bradford for the long-term and the scenario of taking Jadeveon Clowney seeming very unlikely, the Rams need to take a page out of their own book. Two years ago, they parlayed one draft pick into four. Three of those picks were parlayed into four starting players and several key players. The Rams need to keep taking offers and repeat their success of the Griffin trade.

The Rams aren’t ready to compete for a Super Bowl just yet, but the gap is slowly closing in the NFC West. They have a chance to take the final piece of a historic trade and turn it into another, and they need to take it.

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