The beginnings of a superstar: Matt Wynn

By Scott Theis, Managing Editor

Photo Courtesy of Matt Wynn

Photo Courtesy of Matt Wynn

Recently, The SCCougar interviewed SCC student and ascending musical talent Matt Wynn. At the age of 19, Wynn already has an impressive resume. He won the annual SCC Idol competition, won radio contests, and has been featured on local television. But most impressively, he won St Louis Idol which shepherded him through American Idol auditions where he went to Hollywood Week and finished in the top 100 singers in his season.

Wynn grew up in Flint Hill, Missouri, a town with a population of roughly 500. He has been singing his whole life and started off singing in his church at a young age. But, it wasn’t until Wynn was in middle school that he finally started to realize that music could be more than a hobby. He participated in a few talent shows, and felt the true turning point for him was a musical in which he was cast in eighth grade.

Recently, Wynn played at the Icehouse, a nice little neighborhood bar in Wentzville where he plays every Wednesday night. Live performances show off his range and varied musical talents like playing guitar, banjo, ukulele, and the harmonica. He has the ability to emotionally connect to a song, sing with power, and his big vocal range rounds him out as a young musical talent on the rise. Wynn had a large contingent of fans excited to hear him play. And, those who just came in to relax were fans by the time they walked out the door.

A highlight of the evening included a few of Wynn’s friends who joined him on stage to play different instruments. The best part of the show was him playing his original songs. The songs he writes have a depth that is lacking in mainstream music nowadays and contain a polish you don’t hear in most local music.

Soon, you’ll be able to hear Wynn’s original songs as he has an EP releasing late November or early December entitled “Hitchhiker”. This is his first album and he’s very excited for people to hear it. His style is self-described as “country with rock,” but doesn’t like to contain himself to any one genre. He lists Garth Brooks, Jason Mraz, Keith Urban and The Beatles as his biggest musical influences and says the songs on his album will reflect his varied tastes in music. Wynn had his friend Jake Emge produce the album. Jake is an accomplished sound engineer who has worked with such industry legends as Green Day, Willie Nelson and The Eagles.

Wynn considers it very important to use his music to give back. He played a USO show in Oct., opening for famous alternative rockers Chevelle and another show for an organization that helps returning veterans cope with emotional distress through therapeutic horsemanship. Wynn also has partnered with national charity organization Autism Speaks playing several of their events. He thinks it’s extremely important to use his talent and ability to “pay it forward” to veterans and those who need help most.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Wynn

Photo Courtesy of Matt Wynn

To check out Matt Wynn you can visit him on Facebook at Matt Wynn Music. His new EP, upon release, will be available on iTunes. You can also see him live at The Icehouse in Wentzville every Wednesday night and he has a show coming up at Blueberry Hill, where he will be opening for Typhoon Jackson on Dec. 6.

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