Election shakes up Board of Trustees

By Tim Kaiser, Editor-in-Chief

The SCC Board of Trustees has one new member thanks to the election on April 8. Pamela Cilek ousted incumbent Robert Proost, while racking up the most votes of any candidate. William Lohmar retained his seat by finishing in second.

Cilek, who received 33 percent of the vote, is a retired teacher with 34 years of experience including 26 at SCC. She actually taught at SCC before it moved to the current campus. Cilek worked for both the theatre and communications department during her time on the faculty, using her M.F.A in Theater from Lindenwood. She also taught at UMSL, STLCC, and her alma mater Lindenwood.

Judge Lohmar retained his seat by finishing with 30 percent of the vote. This will be Lohmar’s first full six-year term, although he has been now elected twice. Lohmar was appointed to the Board in January 2011 when his son Timothy Lohmar was elected to the Missouri 11th Judicial Circuit. William Lohmar then won the election in April 2012 to finish the final two years of his son’s six-year term. Lohmar is currently a St. Charles Municipal Judge and a senior partner with Lohmar, Staebell, and Burlison LLC.

The first meeting of the new Board was April 21. During the meeting, Cilek and Lohmar were both sworn in and new officers were named. Rose Mack will succeed Ryan Robertson as president; Lohmar was named vice president; Jean Ehlman is now treasurer; and William Pundmann is secretary.

Proost, who was serving as vice president at the time of the election, received 23 percent of the vote. Proost was trying for his second term on the Board, after being originally elected in 2008. Proost is a retired developer.

Arnie “AC” Dienoff was the other candidate on the ballot for the election. Dienoff, a “public advocate” who ran on a platform of cleaning up the Board and making its practices more transparent received 12 percent of the vote. Dienoff was in the gallery for the April 21 meeting.

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