SCC student missing

By Christopher Null, Staff Editor 532f28032276d.preview-620   19-year-old SCC student Bahia Bisharat has been missing since March 19. She was last seen at the LU/SCC Center for Nursing and Allied Health Sciences building in Dardenne Prairie before class. Her car was discovered unlocked that day on campus in the parking lot by her mother.  Lt. David Tiefenbrunn of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s department has stated they suspect no foul play. However, her family does not believe she would run away. Bahia is 5’10  and weighs around 140 lbs. She was last seen wearing a jean jacket and jean pants.

The campus is home to Lindenwood and SCC students including the licensed practical nursing (LPN) program. Although the facility has cameras on the inside, the building does not have any exterior security cameras. Bahia was scheduled to graduate from the LPN program March 22, three days after she disappeared. lu-scc-centerInvestigators have not been able to track Bisharat using cell phone, GPS, or credit and debit cards. According to multiple reports, she was seen at a Sedalia restaurant, two and a half hours away from campus. The restaurant does not have any cameras, making it difficult for law enforcement to verify the eye witness account. Screenshot 2014-03-26 at 2.03.42 PM According to the Facebook Page “Find Bahia Bisharat”, a search will convene Saturday, March 29 starting from where she was last seen at 1 Academy Place, Dardenne Prairie, MO, 63368.

Source: STL Today

Facebook Page: Find Bahia Bisharat

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