Beating the Holiday Stress

By Hareg Guanche, Staff Writer

The month of December is one of the happiest times of the year. Images of beautiful Christmas trees, all kinds of wrapped presents and the gathering of family and friends makes December a joyous time. However, some people experience different feelings around the holidays, known as holiday depression. It affects both men and women, young and old.

For college students, the pressure of the holiday season can be exacerbated by finals, term papers, grades, school projects, shopping, parties, family gathering, unrealistic expectations, too much commercialization and the inability to be with one’s family may cause feelings of sadness. Here are some common reactions during the holidays: headache, too much drinking, overeating, not eating enough, difficulty sleeping, feeling lonely, sadness, etc…

Stress is something that peaks during these intense periods of the year. It is easy to push aside self-care and focus on your school work, putting all of your energy into that. Later, what will make you feel best and make you most productive is to be able to care for yourself and be able to reach out for support. Here are some suggestions of activities and things to do before stress overwhelms you: change your thinking, learn to relax, keep some perspective, know your limits, plan ahead of time, develop time management skills, and keep your space and your mind organized. Try to do these things and have a happy holiday!

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