Great Rivers Greenway concluding construction at SCC

By David Demarco, Editor

Through the fall semester, Great Rivers Greenway has funded a construction project to build a trail that cuts through the eastern side of campus.

SCC has partnered with Great Rivers Greenway in helping bridge together a local community by helping connect a series of existing trails. Many students have wondered how much money SCC has invested in the trail or what motivation lies behind being a link of the chain of trails around the community.

“Great Rivers Greenway is paying the entire cost of construction for the trail project. The college will be responsible for maintaining the trail once it is complete,” said SCC Vice President of Administrative Services Todd Galbierz. “I don’t expect any new staff positions or contract services being required to maintain the trail. It is designed to be durable and low-maintenance.”

This comes as no surprise as each trail funded by Greenway has been maintained by their respective city or property owner. As the school already owns the property, it will continue to maintain the area without spending a notable amount of money.

The trail is to connect Cottleville’s Legacy Park and Woodlands Park in St. Peters. Eventually it will link together with a series of other trails and create accessibility around all areas along Dardenne Creek.

“The trail on SCC property is an important connecting section between existing trails in Cottleville and St. Peters. It will bring walkers and bikers from the community on to the campus, which raises awareness of SCC. It also demonstrates great collaboration between SCC and Great Rivers Greenway,” said Todd Galbierz when asked what benefits the trail brings to the school.

The project SCC has reportedly fully supported will serve as a big time advertisement for every visitor that walks the trail through the side of campus. With the project being funded from the outside with low dollar upkeep, this serves as a huge positive in the eyes of the SCC Board of Trustees. The trail will be open to use mid-November with final plantings being completed in early 2014.

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