‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa’ breaks the funny bone

By Christopher Null, Editor


It’s said wisdom and patience comes with age. The only thing that has come to Irving Zisman is his young grandson Billy who loves getting into mischief as much as his grandpa. Irving, a recently and happily widowed 86 year-old man, is ready to live fast and die…well probably just die. In the middle of delivering a eulogy, his cracked-out daughter ditches her son with Irving so he could deliver Billy (Jackson Nicoll) to his dope-dealing bum-of-a-dad. Along their way, they grow close to one another through shared emotions and borderline illegal activities.

Jackson Nicoll (right) supports the ridiculous Johnny Knoxville (left) passionately. Photo courtesy of  DLX9 on Photobucket.

Jackson Nicoll (right) supports the ridiculous Johnny Knoxville (left) passionately. Photo courtesy of DLX9 on Photobucket.

Right off the bat, the viewer should disregard this as the typical ‘Jackass Presents’ production. Although ‘Bad Grandpa’ reigns supreme over any other ‘Jackass’ presentation, this is one film to reel you in, crack a rib and get you laughing. Johnny Knoxville, who plays the character of Irving Zisman, co-wrote this film’s screenplay and story. This may very well be the start of a series of ‘Jackass Presents’ productions to have a plot thicker than chasing midgets in public and seeing just how many punches the other guy can take. The story is wonderfully executed in this film. The combined relationships between Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll and the blind public truly sell this movie’s artificial authenticity.
The element in ‘Bad Grandpa’ that breaks the typical ‘Jackass’ production falls on its cinematography. This film has a mixture of fair quality video footage coming from a series of hidden cameras and a high-definition camera when the action takes place in the open or in other places where they can control the action. The use of two different cameras helps keep the film looking like you are in the mix with a hint of that movie magic to really capture the emotion that this film is capable of.

‘Bad Grandpa’ is full of that crude humor and slapstick comedy that one would expect coming from Johnny Knoxville and his crew of Jackasses. Even the ones who are no longer apart of the crew get proper credit in this film. From butt-busting gags to sincere heartfelt reactions expressed by the everyday people of the U.S., ‘Bad Grandpa’ is one comedy worth more than paying the senior discount for this talkie.

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