Couture Cosplay and Fabricated Fantasies

By Christopher Null, Editor

Tired of the same, boring costumes being cycled out every year? Has making your own costume been just a tiresome task that you just feel like giving up on it entirely? Well listen up all you dedicated children of imagination and play because help is right under your very noses.

Katie Horner, CEO and co-designer of Anilyn Productions and current SCC student, designs and creates her own original costumes and recreates iconic costumes. Katie Horner has been actively creating costumes for the past five years alongside her younger sister. This has been a longtime hobby for Katie and her sister but now it has begun to fabricate itself into a proper business.  Anilyn Productions has officially been active as of August this year.

Here’s a little information concerning the chief executive of Anilyn Productions. Katie Horner not only makes quality costumes, she competes with them. For example, Nebraskon (a three day long Anime convention in Omaha, Nebraska) is an event approaching next month in which she will show off some of her handcrafted designs against other masters of this craft. In these kinds of competitions, the judges look for accuracy of replicating a popular costume as opposed to its authenticity.

When it comes to purchasing your own costumes from Anilyn Productions, you are paying for quality. The estimated time given to each customer for crafting a new costume from scratch ranges from 4-6 months. Anilyn Productions orders their materials all over the place, from a local thrift store all the way overseas to Germany. Anilyn Productions is looking for the right piece that best fits the costumes’ demands. The initial rate for a costume is $100 and may fluctuate depending on the individual costumes’ needs plus the amount of time it takes for labor.

The business has already made itself available online to several web mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is quite easy to reach out this organization based out of the St. Louis area.

You can trust nothing less than passionate professionalism when you choose to do business with Mrs. Horner and her trade. As someone who partakes in what she creates, the customer is gifted with a feeling of confidence when they order their own fabricated fantasy. When submitting an idea at Anilyn Productions, you are promised to receive an elegant, hand-crafted quality costume tailored to your playful needs.

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